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    Every time I make a list and make an adjustment in one list, it changes my other lists and I'm only selecting "change this list only"

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    Hello Justin,

    Thank you for your question. Right now, list items that are copied to other lists, update automatically when one is updated. The "Change this list only" selection only applies to deleting a list item. Is that what you are trying to do? 

    If this is the case and it is not doing this properly, please let me know and we will investigate the matter.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

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    IT would be great if you could assign more than one employee to one list item.  Is that a feature that could be created?

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    Hi Travis, 

    Thank you for commenting on our article. We do have the ability to assign lists to multiple people, that is done by their role when you create the list. That list is then assigned to a role. If you would like that list done by someone specifically that is currently set up to be a single person assignment. 

    If you like, I can put in a feature request for you. 



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