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    I have been trying to create new notification but it does not save the list. When i try to re do it again it gives an error?

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    Hello Ekant! 

    Thanks for reaching out to us! I would love to get all the information I can from you, could you please give me as much detail as you possible can in terms of how you are getting the error/bug so we can try and reproduce it on our end. For example: 
    1. From A-Z what steps/process do you take to get the error?
    2. What buttons are pushed?
    3. What web page are you on?
    4. Be as specific as you can in terms of the action that is taking place. 
    Look forward to hearing from you,
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    Can i setup the notification so only the manager on duty (on the Jolt schedule) gets the notification?  Vs. anyone with a manager role


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    Hello Jason, 

    Thanks so much for reaching out! We are always looking to improve our software so we really appreciate your input, unfortunately we do not have what you're looking for at this time. That being said, I would be happy to submit a request to add that feature in the future. If you wanted me to do that, I would place a note on your account to notify you when the feature is released.
    Please let me know if that is how you would like to proceed.
    Look forward to hearing from you,
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    I would like to add the request for a feature that could be checked so that only the manager on duty (currently clocked in) recieves the notification.  Could be added as an option for any notification and for any roll that only the employees clocked in and in the selected roll when the notification is generated receive it.

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    HI Brian, 

    Thank you for commenting. I would love to add you to that feature request. Can you send me your contact and company information to



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