Why am I Unable to Print off One of my Lists?




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    Why can we only print completed lists. It would be really helpful to be able to print any list, even before it's completed.

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    Hello Roberto! 

    We appreciate your feedback! The goal of Jolt is to automate your daily operations. We want to be able to eliminate your need to use paper and pencils and avoid a loss of accountability with your employees. If you are wanting more functionality, having a traveling iPad mini in your location may help when you have multiple employees working on separate lists.

    Hope this helps, please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you! 

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    Chris (Edited )

    hi Morgan, I to would like to be able to print list and think it would be helpful..


    scenario 1) i have today . i have 2 new staff who im sending out to do audits. first thing they have asked is can thy have a print out of the audit list so they can become familiar with it before they start .


    scenario 2) will happen often. A new staff member is starting a new role. instead of having a separate file with a re written list i would like to be able to use jolt to store these and simply print them off for the new staff member to learn their job list etc.

    Having this capability is key to training staff and letting them learn material from home etc.


    ps if staff could access certain documents that we permit form their personal phone this would also fix the issue


    hope to see this function soon!  

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    I'd love to see printable lists. I could put them up in areas of the kitchen where staff could reference them and stay familiar. We have stationary iPads and want them only to be used to confirm the list was completed, not as a supporting guide to do the task list.

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    yes please get printable lists soon! / ASAP


    It means we can let staff take a printed copy home and learn their duties first, then come to work and be comfortable with what they are reading/doing from the ipad..

    surely this is an easy fix! 

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    Hi guys! I believe we have found a solution that will fit your needs. Here are the steps:

    1) In location mode, go to the review tab

    2) In the review tab, select Browse Lists. 

    3) Choose the desired checklist and select a date range. 

    4) Select Download as CSV.  This will download the checklist in an excel type file that you can

    edit as you see fit. Once finished, save the list as a PDF. 

    5) Go to Content tab and select Information. 

    6) Choose a category to place the list in or create a new one. 

    7) Within the sub-category, select Upload your own File. From there you can choose the file(s)

    that you want to upload. 

    8) Log in to Jolt on the iPad. 

    9) Go Information, select the category and sub-category your file is in. 

    10) Select the file. Select Print in the upper right hand corner. 

    Let me know if you have any further questions!



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    This is not a good solution in anyway shape or form... it means duplicating work for no reason...  

    Come on jolt.. come up with a good reason why this shouldn't be an easy process...   the idea of jolt is to ensure jobs get completed and minimise paper work and increase accountability .  

    In order to train staff to do this, sometimes we need to print off lists so they can study them before commencing work. ie in training as this increases efficiency greatly. 

    A lists should only need to be created once and left live on the system. Having to replicate it and save it in information makes no sense at all.

    Please get this feature happening or provide a great reason why we can't.. 


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