Can Employees see the Contact Information for Other Employees?




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    Is there a way for employees to see other employees contact info without giving them admin access to the website? I thought this was initially the case, but can't seem to find a way to do it.

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    Hello Justin! 

    Great question. Our development team is currently working on expanding the features on our Jolt Lite app which will allow you all employees to see the contact information of other team members, within their own role, from the Jolt Lite app. This feature should be released shortly and I can place a note on your account to be notified when it is! 

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    Please add me to this list to notify me with this feature is available. Thank you, April

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    I would also like to request this feature as well as a notification when it will be active. 


    Thank you!


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    Has this feature been released yet? Would like for employees to be able to see each others contact info from Jolt Lite. 

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    If possible, I would also like to be notified when this becomes available. 




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    Zina Reed

    Hello Preston, 


    Thank you for this request! This feature as been released. Now your employees should be able to view the contact information of those in their role through the Jolt Lite phone app. Is this what you were wanting?

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