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    I tried to copy a list but could not get the paste function to work in the normal way. I abandoned the bulk input as not working and did it one by one. I now I have finished...I  find the instruction here says use Cmd+V to do the paste. If thats the way....  Could that vital bit of information be simply added to the instruction narrative on the input page please. Thank you

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    Hi Kevin, 


    Thank you for your comment. I have put in this request, but I need come contact information from you. Will you please send your contact and company information to support@joltup.com?  


    Thank you

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    Kevin (Edited )

    I could....   but I only use my web browse for my emails (I am very mobile so I want all my emails accessable from anywhere and using a web browse rather than down loading to an application is best)... your link in effect requires me to set up a email system which I don't want to do (its a common problem with this "link"approach!).

    I am a new user so never contacted support before...  but now I have the actual address so I emailed you direct.... watch out for it please

    PS of course the request I made was not for my benefit... I eventually worked it out.... its for others trying (struggling?) to use bulk lists.

    Thanks kevin

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    Thank you Kevin, 


    Have a wonderful day!

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