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    I want to use these for medications.  We have 5 med clients in a group home setting.  We use mailing labels currently that are stuck to the pre-drawn medication syringes, the label has patient name, time med is given, and med/dose.  We have also added a QR Code to scan and added this to a "list".  I would love to be able to print these on your printer.

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    Hi Christina, 


    Thank you for reaching out to us. You are able to print QR Codes from the label maker. Login to the iPad, go to TOOLS > QR CODES. You must have iPad Admin Access within your role to access the QR Codes section, you will be able to select the QR code that you would like to print, ensure you are connect to the date code label printer. 

    With the date code labels, you would be able to use those for your meds. I would put the patient's name as the product, with the type of med given, and dose. Then I would deselect the preparation time, and use the custom expiration option. With the custom option as given on, or administered on. I would then put the duration to 1 minute from now. That would give you that date and time, the person that printed the label, and the dose/med. You are limited to 25 characters. I would make the categories for the RX in the Patient's name to group them all together as well. 

    If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to us at support@joltup.com

    Thank you, and happy Holidays. 

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